Potential Benefits of Using Social Media to Network

It used to be the case that if you wanted to meet up with other professionals, you had to join an organization like Toastmasters or go to industry events. It wasn’t always easy to find people who worked for similar organizations that might be useful to have in your network. With the advent of social media and sites like LinkedIn, it’s now much easier to network without even necessarily having to leave your home or office.

Research Tool

If you’re going to a meeting or an interview and don’t know a lot about the people you’ll be meeting with, you can use social media to help research the companies and the individuals involved. This way you won’t be going in blind and will be much more informed, which means you’re more likely to make a good impression and get the overall results that you’re looking for.

Job Postings

Some social media sites also often contain information on job openings, so being involved can make it more likely a job seeker will quickly find the opportunity that they’re looking for and won’t miss out on that dream job they’ve always wanted. Hiring managers can also post their own jobs, getting the word out that there’s an opening and increasing the chances of just the right person to apply for the position.

Enhancing Your Brand

Make sure that everything posted on social media profiles is appropriate and professional. Join online communities that are relevant professionally, as this can give you access to job postings or opportunities that may not be listed everywhere and help you meet like minded individuals. Include links to your other online content and any professional writing you’ve done, such as books or articles. Post content that shows your expertise in the field so people know about your skills and experience level. Stay away from posting about or discussing hot topics and watch what posts and organizations you like. Likewise, if those you’ve friended insist on posting inappropriate things on your page or tagging you on these posts, stop them or unfriend them, as what’s on your page can affect potential business and employment relationships. Use privacy settings to limit who sees what you post.

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